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Clip to ScrapBook #2

These are my favorite to teach! I tr to hit the following:
Daily life

For Greece, we hit the gods big time. We discuss the origin story of the 15 big gods and read lots of mythology. I used to have students choose a god to do a report on, but it got a little hard when they'd pick Aphrodite or Zeus, etc, and end up with a lot of research related to multiple lovers, sex, etc. I stopped the reports because of that. They also write their own myths. I have a simplified version of the Odyseey and Thr Iliad, which my students like to act out (to a certain extent--we don't act out the killings ). I use a lot of foldables for kids to take notes on and organize the topics. I also have a few reader's theatre scripts, which you can google. The kids really enjoy those. We watch short videos from Discovery and Learn360 about different philosophers and Alexander the Great.

For Rome, we reenact the Republis form of government to "vote" on classroom issues, and then compare to the Greek's democracy system. then compare to our modern government system in the US. I don't do as much with the gods except to compare to Greek gods and look at how they changed the names/personalities. We study gladiator games and compare to Hunger Games and even modern sports.

I will look when I get to my computer to find the foldable and links the Scholastic books I use. They are great!
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