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Stuck teaching Reluctant Readers
Old 11-01-2017, 02:38 PM
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I'm teaching a middle school elective this quarter called "Literature Explorations"

I thought it would be a bunch of readers who would be anxious to prep for the next quarter's Battle of the Books and geek out over their love of books.

a good 60% of the students told me today that they don't know why they are in the class, probably there because Team Sports was full. It's a small school, the other two electives this quarter are Painting and Chorus. They're full also.

Can anyone suggest resources for ways to teach them to explore literature that won't kill us all? We are in the computer lab so electronic methods of responding to literature are good, as are any other websites that would appeal and give me something to assess. The ELA teacher wasn't much help. I'm going to pull their Map tests to see if I can get some ideas of what skills they need to work on and try to put their assignments into Kahoot/Quizlet, etc to make them more fun. They can read short texts, that is fine with me. We can do some fun/funky short stories.

I'm open to ideas. What have you got?

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