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Grade-wide incentives
Old 11-08-2017, 12:22 PM
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My 6th grade team (two other teachers and myself) recently started a positive behavior system in which students can earn "coupons" for not having any issues in their classes the previous day (we're departmentalized).

We have a series of rewards, based on part on what the students said they wanted. One of my coworkers is taking issue with the fact that I recently started assigning some class jobs each week, when one of the rewards that the student can purchase is to be a class helper for a period.

She feels that having assigned jobs defeats that purpose and is going against what she feels should be a team-wide effort. My view, is that I explained to the students how buying the class helper for the period would work with the assigned class jobs, in that they can still buy the class helper position for the class period either choosing to take all 4 jobs themselves, or just one of them.

I agree with her that we should be more or less on the same page with how we do the rewards, but I don't think we have to do everything the exact same, and that it's more important to make sure my classroom is running efficiently and know that I have specific students who know what they're responsible for on a regular basis.

She also takes issue with the fact that our other teammate and I are not asking the students if they want particular rewards at the beginning of each class period, rather than letting the students take the initiative themselves and asking, if they want it.

Who is in the right here, if there is a right/wrong?

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