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I can do no right
Old 11-20-2017, 07:01 PM
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With a particular grandparent, one who has custody of a student I had a few years ago and one I have right now, it seems like I can do no right.

She talks a good game, but when her grandchildren don't perform well academically or behave well in class, it's automatically the teacher's fault. And since she's a super-active member of the PTA, she has a lot of pull with the administration.

I've been having a lot of behavior issues with her granddaughter this year, and getting a lot of attitude from her in return. She's been in lunch detention many times, and openly defies requests from myself and another teacher. I may have been in the wrong on this, but last week she was goofing around in line again even though she's been told/asked on a daily basis to line up appropriately, so I had her stand in the corner and face the wall for two minutes when we got back from lunch.

I just got an email from my principal that she would like to speak with me regarding some of the grandmother's concerns. And just like that, my stress level has gone through the roof.

Any tips on dealing with situations like this? Where it seems like you can do no right, even though you hear from others that you're a good teacher and you know your material backward and forward, you have a parent (or parents) who insist you're a horrible teacher?

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