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The things you are describing are very normal, at least in my area. The only thing that's different is the conferences- we do have to work 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM two days in a row for those, but then we get a day off as a "comp day" to make up for that time.

The other things all happen at my school, and I would imagine only don't happen in places with very strong unions. I'm in a state with weak "associations" that don't have much power. I also think teachers are somewhat at fault here too because many teachers tend to be martyrs, especially at the elementary level.

For example, my district has a leadership team structure in each building. If you're on the team, you attend a 90 minute meeting once per month outside of contract time. People at my school are just dying to be on this team- teammates will fight with each other to get to be the leadership rep for their grade level. At the HS, teachers refused to join the team unless they got paid, so now they get a stipend for doing the same work that the elementary teachers are happily doing for free.

Things aren't going to change unless teachers themselves band together and demand change, and I just don't realistically see that happening. Teachers get too caught up in the "it's for the kids" argument. I see the same issue with buying school supplies out of pocket- schools/districts don't see a need to budget for supplies because teachers continue to provide them themselves.
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