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Clip to ScrapBook #3

I actually just read a blog on this today! Essentially the teacher decided that she was doing away with her clip chart and making the classroom more rules and kid centered. She believed that clip charts focus on making the teachers life easier but don't really target behaviors or actually help kids learn from their actions since it's punishment first, discussion after.

She made her class rules centered so they went over rules every day (though this was for K). If a child made a mistake she would remind the whole class of the rules instead of calling out an individual student. Then she focused on rewarding the good behavior of the other students verbally. At the end of the day, she would call individual kids up to her desk and hand out a colored card. Orange for a good/average day, purple for a fantastic day, and a yellow card which was a rule reminder card. If a student got that card, they would also fill out together a paper for the parents that talked about what rule they needed reminding of. Here's the link:

Like I said, it was written for kindergarten but the base idea of color coded cards and private discussions at the end of that day can work for any grade level.
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