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A few things
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Be tough on them academically. Don't worry about whether they lie it (or you) or not.

Be human and real (yet still professional), but, most importantly, above all else, don't try to be their friend

Don't take anything personally.

Expect something out of them behaviorally. They're going to try to tell you that Mr./Ms. So and So used to let us do whatever (something you shouldn't allow them to do); don't let them.

Never believe what students tell you about other adults.

Never believe what students tell you about anything, period.

If they're complaining about you, you're doing something right.

Give Ds, but don't fall too many kids.

Fly under the radar and don't make enemies m be humble.

Don't rely on admin to support you when it really comes down to it. Try to keep as many situations as you can out of their hands.

Don't feel like you have to save the world, work 100-hour weeks, or do things that parents should be doing. Empower kids with personal responsibility (I know those are bad words these days).

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