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They Don't Care
Old 03-09-2019, 08:10 AM
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At my school, we've been having more and more students seem to not care at all if they do anything. I teach 7th grade ELA and here is what I do:

-no homework (this is a school policy)

-When I do something with them like read a story and questions, I put everything on the smart board so they can see it. I collect it and grade it even if it is just a few points or most won't even bother. Some will STILL turn in a blank paper.

-On a test, I make them open book or open notes. We have to retest if they fail so you want to make sure that few fail because you just don't have time to constantly remediate everything.

-We have to "pad" our grades with easy assignments. I might have them write a paragraph on whatever and give them all ten points. Same with vocabulary and grammar. There are times they do a handout with a partner, then we ALL correct and then I grade it. Some kids are still too lazy to do anything and won't even turn it in.

-Make it fun-Review games sometimes help but the lowest won't participate unless there are candy or bonus points involved.

Basically, I have learned to lower the bar and make everything as easy as possible. It's sad for the kids who do complete their work and want to learn. However, we are really not allowed to hold students accountable or "let" them fail. It's disgusting but we are forced to baby them and socially promote them (even when they sleep through class or never show up.)

Sorry for the discouraging post but this is how we have to survive at my school.
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