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Hi! Better late than never!
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I hope you were able to find your way around this situation. I have a few questions:
1. Did you start in May to finish 2018-2019 academic year or your position starts in the fall for the upcoming school year?
2. You mentioned you may not have a space, have you discussed this with the administration?

Granted I only taught high school my very first year, which was a long time ago, I can share with a few tips. I do admit my first year teaching, which was high school, was terrible, to say the least. However, that experience taught me a lot!
1. If this is your first year of teaching, realize that it will not be pretty. I think it is a good idea for new teachers understand that so they will not be blindsided once they start their first semester.
2. As someone new, you will have to get to know the building, teachers, parents, students - the list goes on. Make sure that you are assigned a mentor. If it is not a requirement, find another ELA teacher who has experience in the subject and who can help you out should you need assistance.
3. You may not have your own classroom/space, but I am sure you may share a classroom/space. It is not like you will be teaching in the hallway. I used to share two classrooms with two different teachers, one of whom became a mentor; she was amazing! She would also spend time in the classroom while I was teaching so she was able to give me feedback on classroom management and pedagogy.
4. Ask admin for any perks new teachers are entitled to. Mentor, buddy teacher, etc.
5. Familiarize yourself with the building and the key staff: custodians, librarian, resource teacher (who does the copies, in charge of supplies etc). These are the people you will want to be on good terms with, should you need an extra chart paper, or your classroom table fixed asap.
6. You said you had access to pacing guide. That is all great, but find out if you can get your hands on curriculum maps and, if possible, lesson plans, at least the ones from the previous school year so you have some idea of what curriculum looked like.
7. This one is very important: classroom management. If you do get a mentor, ask him/her about classroom management tips. If you do not have a mentor, ask a veteran teacher. Also, find out if the school has a school-wide behavior management system, like PBIS, ClassDojo etc. If not, start thinking of your own class-wide system to manage behavior. To help you with this, try to learn about your students; their likes and dislikes, etc. This will help you with "prizes." Most important part about classroom management is student accountability.
8. Assessment. Start thinking about how you will assess your students, how often, and how you will organize the data. Usually, schools have their own way and methods to assess, the frequency of assessment and a way to organize the data. Ask! If not, it is your job now!
9. Now, if you have not done so, get your hands on the literature list, and start reading!

I hope it helps!
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