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Clip to ScrapBook #3

What are the average class sizes in the school? What is the teacher-student ratio? 20 avg

What does professional development look like in your school/district? technology, behavior on inservice days and early release days, a huge variety of PD in the summer (you can trade in 2 PD days to get MLK and President's Day off which are normally inservice days for teachers)
What type of learning technique(s) help the students the most? small group, whole group discussion
What factors cause a barrier to learning? When parents aren't supportive of education
What instructional strategies do you use? WBT, small group, choices
What instructional strategies do not work for you? drill and kill
What continuing education classes have you completed in the past school year? technology
What new skills have you gained in the last 5 years? incorporating more meaningful technology activities into my classes.
How do you stay current on developments in education? newsletters from admin, colleagues, some reading
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