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Having severe anxiety and depression
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Clip to ScrapBook #4

makes everything harder and I am sorry you are having to go through it.
Before entering teaching, would you be able to find a really good counselor to help you make your life much better?
A lot of teachers where I am at now are dealing with both too. I have battled anxiety that really hit me during college age/bad relationship.. It is not an overnight fix, but it can get a lot better over the years if you work on it. I think your mental health is more important than teaching.
Do you really love to see kids learn or do you feel you are expected to use your degree? One of my kids got a degree in a different field and worked in the field for maybe a couple of years. He felt himself getting annoyed in his position. He was able to find a job that paid a lot higher, doing something that was way more fun to him after he quit doing what he thought was expected of him. ( Not by me, but other family and society in general...)
Please think about doing what is best for you. <3
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