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Ashley Jorda

Ashley Jorda
Students skipping/disruptive- looking for ideas!
Old 12-09-2019, 07:07 PM
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I am choir teacher whose room is in the middle of the building in a main hallway. Many students skip class at my school and often hang out outside my room. Sometimes they are fighting, will kick the door, try to get in to fight my students or yelling loudly. These are not my choir students. They are trying to learn and sing through all of the distractions. When I go out to ask them to please go somewhere else- they ignore me or curse at me. Just pretend that there is no help from anyone else including administrators, parents or support staff. I know that is unbelievable but it is true and I really want to find a solution. What are some creative ways (that won't get me fired) that I can do to get the kids to stop disrupting outside of my classroom?

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