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Clip to ScrapBook #2

So sorry for your troubles! This reminds me of an anecdote that I tell my class when we are working on one of our writing units. I know this will not work for you, but here it is:

The Old Man
There was an old man who lived in a neighborhood with some disrespectful kids. Every day when the kids walked down the sidewalk in front of his home on the way to and from school, they would yell obscenities at him, call him names, and just generally be turds.
The old man tried being polite and asked them to stop. He talked to their parents to no avail. He yelled back at them to no effect. He threatened to call the police, but they could only do something if the kids were on the old man's property. He stayed in his house when he knew they were going to walk by, but they would just stand outside and be even more obnoxious until he acknowledged them. Nothing worked!
Then he devised a plan.
The next day as the kids were walking by, when they took a breath, the old man offered them a dollar for each insult they could hurl at him but only in the time they walked from one end of his lawn to the other.
The kids were ecstatic! What a fool of an old man! They hurled insults and got paid. Then they went on their way with cash in hand. The next day, the man offered them 50 cents for each insult. They just yelled faster which made them walk faster. They got paid and went on their way.
The next day, he offered them a quarter. The kids talked faster and walked faster. They were paid and went on their way. The next day, the old man did not go outside to meet them. The kids waited and waited on the sidewalk. Then they had to go or be late for school. On the way home, the old man was outside when the kids came back from school. They waited at the beginning of his sidewalk. The old man told them he would no longer pay them for their insults.
Outraged, the kids ran off yelling that they would not do anything for free!
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