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Have you ever had an embarrassing
Old 02-12-2020, 03:17 PM
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moment in ELA because you didnít know the answer or gave the wrong answer? I am a first year teacher over the age of 40 that went through an alternate route program. I do Special Education inclusion in 6th grade ELA. Iím embarrassed to say Iíve had two moments where I tried to help students but I didnít know the answer and was totally lost on what to do and on the expectations of the teacher. I did ask the teacher for clarification. I work with a seasoned ELA teacher (6 years teaching). I feel like I ďshouldĒ know these things already and it bothers me that at times I donít. I kinda think she may say something about it to administration. This is only my assumption based on her personality. Although it sounds like Iím making an excuse, my background and undergrad were not in English. How do I overcome this deficit and low feeling I have about it? How long does it take to be great at ELA? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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