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Middle Schoolers
Old 05-09-2020, 04:36 AM
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Despite their bad rep, some of us actually like teaching that age. Some positives:

They can be fiercely loyal to teachers and adults in their life that they like. Treat them with respect and they'll do the same.
They just want to 'save face' in front of their peers. You earn their respect by not embarrassing them or others.
Most with special needs have been identified by middle school, which is nice when you think about how hard it can be to document and get help for students in the early grades.
Many have good hearts and want to save the world. They know about the problems our society faces and they are eager to make a difference.
Some of them actually like to sit around and chat with their teachers. They'll share an awful lot if you listen!

The other side:
Many of them aren't motivated to please the teacher like younger children are.
The attitude is real. Let it go unless it's disruptive or blatantly disrespectful.
Some of them are dealing with a lot of pressure to be great academics and/or athletes. Teachers need to know when to lay off the pressure for these kids.
Some parents have given up on their kids by middle school. They don't want to hear about attention, work ethic, etc. anymore after years of similar reports by other teachers. Teachers have to get creative to reach those kids.

I hope your son enjoys his new position!
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