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Q: What training, knowledge and know-how do regular education teachers need to best help students with special learning needs.

A: The most important thing an educator needs to possess to work with any student, especially a student with special needs, is an OPEN MIND. The most important wisdom and knowledge a college professor can impart to education majors is a working knowledge of special education law and how failure to implement a child's accommodations/modifications can land a teacher in court.

Q: What should be the focus of special student time in the regular classroom?

A: As the previous post stated, it depends on each student's needs. A child with less-involved problems will probably be in the classroom for academics, while a student with more severe problems may be in the classroom for socialization.

Q: If she (or he) had one piece of advice for prospective teachers who are just beginning the credential program what would it be?

A: When in conversation with another teacher, paraprofessional, or administrator, do not EVER use the phrase, "THOSE children" to identify a special needs child. It's tacky, disrespectful, and hurtful. Our kids have feelings, too.
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