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Old 07-20-2020, 11:29 PM
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The local schools in my area also have decided to reopen face-to-face without requiring students to wear a mask. Our local area has rapidly increasing numbers of spread. It's very concerning.

There's evidence that the virus hangs around in the air, children can get and spread it, and experts agree wearing a mask reduces spread, so I don't understand how it's not reckless to not require masks. They are knowingly putting people in small rooms without the basic safety equipment with a virus that will kill some people. I just don't understand how this is acceptable. What happened to safety first? If I had a choice, I would choose life for myself and family over my job, economic troubles, and my child not getting socialized traditionally.

Personally, it bothers me that there have been many accounts of people who were otherwise healthy and are not in any high risk group dying or becoming very ill. No one knows how their body will respond until they get it. In my small town, just 2 weeks ago, we had a 37 year old man with no known underlying health conditions die from it. There are many reports of healthy people having lingering health problems after having Covid-19. There have been 240+ cases of children getting potentially life threatening whole body inflammation in New York, and I'm sure that's not unique to New York. What are the long term effects?

Another concerning issue is we have many grandparents raising or babysitting and multi-generational homes that this level of exposure in schools will put many at risk. So, we can say it's likely people will get and die from the disease via transmission contacted through schools. There are too many unknowns and a lack of sound universal guidelines that, for me, make reopening seem like playing Russian Roulette.


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