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Jolly Phonics is Fun!
Old 04-22-2011, 03:50 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #4

I have done Jolly Phonics for the past few years and all of my students love this! My district bought us the materials but it is not our phonics lesson it is more of supplemental material to have a kinesthetic way to help the kids learn their sounds. We use Saxon Phonics, which I think is good too.

I read the big book to introduce the sound, then I show them the picture card and we act out the sound. I also send home a page with all the jolly phonics pictures/sounds on it for them to do at home so the parents know what these silly hand motions are they are doing when they come home. I make a book to put in our library for them to practice if they want & I see my kids doing on their own.

It has really helped my low students! I like how when it gets to some of the tougher sounds like digraphs and double vowels it shows 1 dot under them so they see that they only make 1 sound. Just my opinion, but the pictures are cute and the books with the characters are fun. Having a hand motion to teach the sound instead of just showing them flashcards seems to really be effective!!
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