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I think that if you take components of the first six weeks of school and introduce them (as needed) with all of your class periods, you should be all right. Each class you see (in addition to your homeroom) will need to be introduced to the expectations of your classroom, where supplies are stored and how to handle them properly, and what routines to follow when in your class and what appropriate behavior looks like in your classroom. You may want each class period to design their own rules and establish hopes & dreams as well. Even if you start switching classes on the first or second day of school, you should use the time with all of your students to create community in each class period by playing games, get-to-know-you activities and all the other suggestions The First Six Weeks of School suggests.

I don't usually do the entire first 6 weeks of school as it is laid out in the book, simply because there is not enough time and too much content that needs to be covered. However, it is possible to start your curriculum and add in the components such as teaching routines, doing guided discovery, etc. as needed. It's a juggling act, but what about teaching isn't?

Also, about recess: I have found that if you are out with "your kids" playing games, a lot of times other students will want to join in. I think that that can be a very positive way to build a school community which will help to foster relationships across homerooms.
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