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New Push-In Idea for This Year
Old 09-09-2011, 09:18 AM
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First of all, I realize this post is now FOUR years old. Posting anyway in case someone is interested.

I am planning on doing a push-in model with a 4th grade teacher this year. Our first day together was today. The kids are going to benefit so much! We are doing a co-teaching model, sharing planning/prep/instruction/grading. We both have sets of the curriculum. Yes, it will be a lot of work. Yes, you need to be able to work together and compromise. Fortunately, my co-teacher and I have many of the same ideas in common. It would still work with someone less similar - the key for anything is COMMUNICATION! We are sharing a prep on Thursdays to plan a week ahead and deciding then how to tag-team the instruction.

Here is our general schedule:

2011-2012 Math 2 Schedule

10:10-10:20: Class split into two groups (switch weekly)
HW correction/collect scores
Concept re-teaching

10:20-10:45: Large group instruction (tag-team teaching Every Day Math)
2-3 min review of daily KUDO
Vocabulary Journal (per unit)
Use Active board together

10:45-11:08: Small group time (re-teaching, reinforcing)
Organic groups for guided practice
Independent practice can also be happening
Daily choices: math games (set up using Daily 5 release of
independence), Problem of the Day

11:08-11:12: Planner, review/plan for tomorrow

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions or your own ideas. This is our first try at anything like this building-wide!
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