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Wow, you have alot on your plate and hopefully I can help you with a bit of it. I have been teaching Title I for all 11 years of my teaching career and trust me, every year is a little different depending on the needs of the students.

Right now, I do entirely pull out. I have done team teaching with classroom teachers and they both have benefits. When I was in the regualr classroom , I would work with my small group of students doing the same guided reading lesson as the other students. Of course, I was using different techniques to help them decode and comprehend the text. I also often had one day a week where I would do a special whole class lesson focusing on one aspect of comprehension or test taking skills.

My district also uses Houghton Mifflin. You might look into ordering some of their Leveled readers. The series comes with a classroom set of readers, but they also offer "Below Level" readers that correspond nicely with the skills being taught each week of each theme. They also come with nice teacher resources. That at least would be a good start. I use those along with some materials from Wilson Fundations to pretty much guide my phonics instruction.

As far as selecting students, everybody does it differently. I would look at what scores your school already gets on the kids and try to use that to select them. No use trying to do all kinds of new assessments if the students already were assessed some way at the end of the previous year! We use DRA, DIBELS, and a test the district created.

My students do all the "regular" classroom reading work and receive their reading grade from their classroom teacher. However, I have a progress report that is also sent home each grading period that is basically a checklist of skills and I indicate if I have covered that skill and how the child is progressing. I do a lot of anecdotal notes and running records as assessment on my own.

I am also the only Title I teacher in my building and I understand how isolating and lonely it can get. I hope this helps and please don't hesitate to email me at I would be more than happy to help and share !
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