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Clip to ScrapBook #5

THANKS everyone for your responses!! They have helped. Here is the update on my situation...

My principal now wants me to pull out (after I had the push in schedule set to go and the other teachers were on board!). So, now, since I have no classroom, I have to find places to take them Anyways, I am looking to purchase some leveled readers. I really like the rigby ones, but they might be too pricey. We do have the Houghton Mifflin readers for the below level, but there is only one per story and I would like more than that for independent reading purposes. I am planning to pull out groups of 6 students at a time (twice a week for 45 minutes). We will use the below leveled readers that go with their text as well as do some phonics skills that coincide with the stories in their regular class. I would also like to have the leveled readers so they can work on independent reading contracts (which cover many skills) while I do assessments. Another question....what organizational system do you use to keep track of ongoing assessments. I will keep running records for the below level readers that go with the stories. Just looking for some ideas to keep everything organized. Thanks again for all the help you have give me!! I'm not pulling kids this week, so hopefully I can get some of the logistics taken care of!

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