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Thanks for the replies.

Not only that, but without the label there the kids are limited in the accommodations they get.
Maybe I wasn't clear. I don't begrudge teachers seeking out an IEP for students who really need one. I was more saying that I don't get the fuss over using the word "dyslexia" over "specific learning disability." The SLD label is what we're legally allowed to use. Nothing would change if we were to suddenly start calling kids "dyslexic" instead. To me it just seems like a misguided push. Why not make a fuss over real issues such as providing appropriate services or funding rather than over a word.

We actually do have a sped-specific coach for this initiative and I asked her about it yesterday. Apparently the other coach has a 6th grade son who was just identified (because previously the dyslexia was not impacting his education) and she's now on some sort of personal vendetta. She said a lot of the information this coach is sharing isn't necessarily coming out of our state, but things she's found online elsewhere. Our state is working on passing a dyslexia bill, but nothing has really come out of it yet. She said she has not heard of any changes in the state education department as far as how students qualify for SLD.

I have heard of other states that have passed some sort of dyslexia laws, especially on mandatory early screenings, and have been very curious as to how that's all played out. Are they also changing the way students qualify for special education? Are they simply spending a whole lot of time and resources on formally evaluating kids who don't qualify? Or are they just giving these assessments and nothing changes? I'm in a low SES district and about 90% of entering K students massively fail our beginning of the year screeners.

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