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Are you introducing the sounds in a systematic order and constantly reviewing previously learned sounds/patterns? I find that the reason many kids in sped learn so slowly is that they need constant review as to not forget previously learned skills. If I just focus on something new, they learn it, but in the process forget the "old" information .

Are you also making sure that they truly 100% have the pattern you're teaching before moving on to something else? This is an issue I see with our interventions. We get pressure to move on if a few kids in the group understand, saying we'll "keep reviewing" for the others, but then the "others" never catch up.

I'm not sure I'd keep the same passage all week, as kids with learning disabilities are especially adept at using coping skills such as memorizing to "get through" reading. They may just be memorizing a lot of that passage for the week and not really practicing their fluency. I remember hearing that there isn't much fluency benefit to reading the same passage more than 3x, but I don't have the specific research to back that up. I would also think about what kind of reading you're doing- is a lot of choral stuff? My P wants us to do a ton of stuff chorally. While I get that it increases the number of times they can respond, especially when it's reading they often just end up kind of mumbling along or repeating and not really reading.

I would analyze the DIBELS passages to see what they're missing. The unfortunate part of those is that they're not decodable and kids could be making great growth in their phonics skills, but there are a TON of skills they need to master before the growth is really going to show on a 3rd grade level DIBELS passage. Are they missing words they should know how to decode at this point based on what you've taught? Guessing/making silly mistakes? Mostly accurate but very slow? Missing sight words? That should tell you if you need to switch up the focus of what you're doing.

If you're 100% sure they really have the skills/know the patterns like the back of their hand but they're not using them in reading, I'd do less of the broken down activities (i.e. highlighting, marking words) and spend more time actually reading. I find that a lot of my kids can learn the patterns and even use them in spelling but reading is so much harder because they have to internalize those patterns and use them at lightning fast speed. This year and last year I've really tried to ramp up the amount of reading (vs. "skills" activities) that I'm doing with kids and I see a difference, especially with my 3rd graders last year (I'm only K-2 this year).

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