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In my school SPED teachers only pull the students out the students for certain parts on the day (depending on the IEP) because all the students have a home room class where they are placed. I call it resource room because itís the easiest comparison to help others understand the dynamics.

If a child has reading goals or is below grade level in reading, they are pulled during the grade level reading class period ...but the expectation is that we integrate whatever gen ed is doing.

We donít really have an intervention block or anything like the only time to pull is when they are doing the same subject in gen ed so the child isnít missing another subject.

Thereís 1-2 sped teacher per grade level.

There are situations where a student is In gen ed and the student just uses accommodations to access the grade level with support. Typically though itís not a sped teacher supporting in class itís a teachers aide.

I wish we had an intervention block reserved for a program so that the other period is free to use to have enough time to teach whatever gen ed is teaching but unfortunately our master schedule just doesnít allow that.
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