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SEL curriculum?
Old 02-19-2020, 03:51 AM
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I second what pdx teacher said and I so understand. I have worked in schools where even regular-ed teacher are told "just teach the standards."

I have also worked with paras who just don't get it. Either they think self-contained kids watch movies and play with toys all day long or they call kids lazy because it took them six months to learn four sight words, even though they have significant cognitive impairments.

In addition to what pdx suggested, I would recommend some social emotional learning lessons and projects. This link has some free ideas for middle school and high school.

Also with the groups and rotations I would suggest looking at IEPs and grade levels and making your rotation groups from that. Maybe whole group is an SEL lesson, but small group/independent work on or near grade level.

There is a post on the vent board under the title Teaching at an Alternative School. One of the responses is from a teacher who attended an effective alternative program as a kid. I think some of the things that motivated her as a student could still work.

If your administration was more involved and supportive, I might suggest implementing a points or level system for students to work for privileges in the classroom and the school. I would feel it out. Maybe your para can be in charge of documenting and maintaining a point system you set up.?
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