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Disrespectful to a tee.
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I posted this under "New Teacher" but after considering the topic, I think the post is better-suited here.

This is my fifth year teaching and my first year in this school. I teach ninth grade on all levels in an urban setting.

I get along with 94% of my students well, however, there is one with whom things have gone downhill since the beginning of the second semester. Today he really pushed my buttons as I was giving work back. The rest of my class was on - task, working in pairs on their assignment. I NEVER hand back work without giving an assignment first. He was in my "space" and got a little too close. When I reminded him of my "personal bubble" he said "Well don't come into my personal bubble..." as if I didn't hear him. I then reminded him that I'm the teacher and he needs to understand that I need to check his work. His response? "Don't be up in my bubble checkin' on MY work" (thinking I didn't hear him)

He is rude and takes any chance he can to undermine my authority despite the consequences. He says "no" when the class is given directions. He refuses to follow rules. When students follow rules I always thank them and I'm respectful. I ignore him most of the time when he displays his negative behavior, but lately it's been ridiculous. He was angry that I called his parents over his grade in my class as school protocol dictates for progress reports. He took the time to seek me out after school hours when he was supposed to be at weight training to tell me not to call his parents. He was then rude to both myself and the secretary saying he was talking to "me, not her" and we both told him he needed to go where he was supposed to be. I spoke with our disciplinarian and he advised me to write him up, which I did this morning.

The positive in this situation is that all but one of his classmates ignore him. They're teammates, and play on the same b-ball teams together inside and outside of school. When this kid isn't in class, the other student is so-so.

I'm worried this kid is going to make me lose my job that I love doing each day. I have great classroom management; the kids know what to do and my procedures. This kid's modus operandi seems to be to ruin me.

Administrators have had sit-downs with him and myself to fix the situation, which I was completely into doing to remedy the situation. I earnestly apologized if I had done anything to offend him and he just wanted to air every grievance he had with me, which included "why can't you just chill and be cool like the other teachers?" "Why can't you just let us do what we wanna do?" and it was clear the admin was on my side, reminding him that he is the student and it's my classroom. Oh, and his favorite? "Why is it when teachers do something wrong they don't get in trouble, but when we do, we get into trouble?"

I've dealt with rough kids before, but he takes the cake. I'm at my wit's end with this child. Any advice? I've called home. I've spoken with guidance. I've discussed him with the disciplinarian. I've asked for advice from other teachers (not much was given, and they seem to think he is a PITA as well)

There's definitely a personality clash, but I don't know how to fix this.

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