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You are doing a magnificent job with the othe
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There will always be kids who do not want to do work and have a personality conflict with us. It is most unfortunate, and I too have spent sleepless nights mentally beating myself up because I am not super teacher who can reach all kids. But, this is my 38th year of teaching now: I know that I can only do my best. This student has major problems obviously. You have gone over and above the call of duty, and I admire you for this. I am sure that you have followed my first two protocols: talk to his other teachers and coach & find out how they deal with him. His coach is able to get him to participate, so they must be getting along, or he would have been kicked off the team. My second line of defense is the school counselor. I arrange a meeting with the student, myself, and the counselor. I think you have already done this, based on your words about having administration work with you and the student. I would ask the counselor to put the "new plan" in writing as a checklist which you fill out for the student daily, and then on Friday, send it to the counselor so that he can "counsel" the student on his improved or unimproved behavior and step up consequences for the next week if there is no improvement.
Ultimately, I use prayer. I pray for the kid. Sometimes nothing happens with the kid, but my attitude seems to soften somewhat.
Could his schedule be changed? That is a last resort, but if that is the only pupil you lose, isn't it worth it, for your peace of mind, and a good night's sleep? Good luck! I will put you on my prayer list because I have definitely been there and done that. Whether you realize it or not, you are a great teacher!
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