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At my school the salads are pre-prepared. It is served with hard boiled egg for protein, crackers, and choice of fruit and milk.

My son used to live in a town that used local fruits and veggies from nearby farms. Each month there was a different local food that was in season and served for lunch. Sometimes it was apples or greens. It didn't cost a lot for the schools and it was a community effort helped by the local farms. The school also had garden plots that people in the town could rent for the season. It was really cheap and got families that did not have access to garden space (this was in a city) a way to garden. The school also had a plot for students.

There are ways to make food healthier even if it isn't a salad bar. My school started using brown rice and chicken breast as one of their meals. Usually it is chicken nuggets and fries. Also my school offers several choices of fruit so students are much more likely to eat it. Last year students had one choice and it was usually a wrinkly apple . Of course kids didn't eat it!

I know cost is a concern but there are ways to make food healthier without a high cost. Make what is in season, use whole grain, only offer white milk, and cut down on greasy foods. In the end society will be paying for it through medical costs for diabetes and other food related health issues.
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