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my observations
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I can only speak as a para who has worked as a grade level para for several years before being moved to various other grades. There were four first grade classes each year. My duties were to go from class to class to do a reading program and to help as needed. I learned so much from each teacher over the years, both what I think works and what does not. The biggest thing, the teachers who started out focused on teaching routines and procedures usually had more success creating the more desired classroom environment. They eased into learning more slowly, but were able to pick up the pace while those who were not as focused on classroom management were still trying to get it together.

I also noticed that the teachers who revisited classroom expectations frequently, particularly after a long weekend or break, had far less behavior issues and more engaged learners.

The only suggestions I have about materials is to see what teacher websites the school subscribes too. There are also some really good free sites you can subscribe to. I love They have so much there that can help supplement your classroom.
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