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Everyone needs to use the bathroom all the time
Old 08-29-2018, 02:49 AM
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Iím really struggling with my kids and the bathroom this year. Every time we come back to the classroom from anywhere (lunch, specials, recess, etc) about 15 kids ask to use the bathroom. Even during learning time, when one raises their hand to ask, basically half of the class will start asking. Itís never been this bad in previous years. We take two full class bathroom trips a day. We will come back and 5 minutes later kids are asking to go. For context, we do not have bathrooms in the classroom, we have a policy where we canít tell students no or limit the number of times they go (ruling out anything related to bathroom tickets/coupons), and we can only send one child at a time. The ďlineĒ of kids waiting gets so bad I canít even figure out who is next when someone new asks.

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