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seen both sides
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I worked as a para while I went to school and finished a masters in special education. I have been a teacher for a number of years and supervise four (very experienced ) paras.
I see the teacher's point because in many districts the para's end up doing teaching that they have not been adequately trained for and do not have the background for (compared to teachers training). However more important, they are not being given the time, resources and access (and pay!) that teachers have to develop what they are teaching. I always thought that it is much harder to have the responsibility of implementing someone else's planning than having responsibility for planning and implementation. Of course there are also plenty paras who are given a student with vague instructions and somehow have to make it work without being able to do any real decision making -that is the hardest and least thankful job of them all in my opinion.
It is wonderful that you do a lot of planning yourself in your free time, but you should not have to do that. In the end I think it does not come down to qualified or not , it comes down to different job descriptions.

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