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Joined: Aug 2006
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My advice...
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Paras generally work under the teacher. Read your school systems outline of your duties - that may be in your employment contract or in a para handbook issued by the school system. Understand where you are to get direction -- in some cases it would be the special ed teacher for that grade level. In other cases it might be the actual classroom teacher. From time to time, ask the teacher if he/she feels you are doing what is expected, things you should do differently, and of course what you are doing right. That would be a good time to tell the teacher what you see in your student(s) as strengths and challenges since you last spoke to the teacher about the student(s). Also, be prepared by looking over lesson plans and activities provided for the day. Think through each task to be sure you will not have questions during instruction time.

I truly enjoyed being a para. I was blessed to work with supportive teachers who cared about their students.

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