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Newish Art Teacher! HELP!
Old 09-07-2017, 01:57 PM
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After quite a bit of time in a core class I am back in the art room. This however is my first elementary year (PK-4th) and a new district. I have never been so excited. I actually like my job again after years of dreading going to work. I feel at home.

My first observation happened and I got feedback, nothing horrible, but just some constructive criticism.

I am really struggling with is this whole idea of a full circle lesson in the art room. My principal stated that she expects that there be an intro, a lesson and an activity. Okay I am with her so far. However she wants "closure" at the end of every session I have kids meaning she wants an exit ticket, summary etc every time I see them! I only see them for 55 minutes every 3 days. 55 minutes blows by, especially on a day where you are painting etc. I just don't know how to fit all that in AND have an project that is more time intensive with process or clean up.

Also some things just take multiple days. Like paper mache. So if I do a project like that, she is still expecting me to do a lesson every time and take up 15-20 minutes each time I see the kids doing a formal lesson. When I taught art before we might have a lesson the first day, begin working on a project and then have to take another class or two to finish something depending on the process. The process is a huge part of learning. Then we would do a summary activity like a gallery walk, writing a self critique etc. is this not a thing anymore?

I am feeling defeated. Having been out of specials so long I really did a lot of prep and PD to get back into the swing of things. Now I am feeling like I can only make art with these kids that can be completed in less than 55 minutes.

How do ya'll make this work?

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