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Passive aggressive host teacher
Old 10-26-2017, 07:31 PM
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So, this isn't a rant, but I'm a little curious as to why my host teacher behaves this way. I only have two weeks left of student teaching (omg...I can't believe it haha) and it's gone really well! No problems, great feedback and reviews, and a supportive environment.

Something has been irking me though and I am curious if anyone can shed some light on this...

My host teacher is pretty cool. She is blunt (which I like) but not in a mean way and gives me a lot of feedback and lets me try out ideas. Sometimes, though, she can be super passive aggressive and get really snippy. It makes things super awkward for me personally as I hate upsetting anyone and would like to correct whatever I might have done wrong. It's usually a pretty quick thing and then she's over it, but when it does happen it's super uncomfortable as I have been going above and beyond.

For instance, the other day we were on our way to a meeting and I couldn't keep up with her stride. She has very long legs and I'm quite short. She was late to the meeting and was booking it down the hall. She whipped around at one point and snapped at me to hurry up as we were late and rolled her eyes. I had to literally RUN down the hall to keep up with a bunch of materials in my arms. It was clear that it was a struggle. She was fine literally minutes later.

Also, today she got frustrated when she noticed a teeny tiny sign was missing on her homework turn in bins. She threw her hands up and asked what happened to it. I admitted that I had no idea. She rolled her eyes and said that it's been there for two years and suddenly it was gone as if I did something to it. She knows full well I treat all her things with respect and even replace her supplies sometimes if I use them, so why would I be suspect?

I kind of just left the room to make copies and let it go. When I came back she was a total peach. She also never says goodbye or good morning, but she will to everyone else. It's very odd. I only have two weeks left and she's
treated me well so it's whatever, but why could this be? I understand hosting a student teacher is stressful and I'm so grateful to her for that, but the behavior is just so odd and uncomfortable. I find that I am bracing myself in the morning when she arrives for super grumpiness and it's just stressful.

Teachers, any insight? Is there something I'm not seeing that I should know from a seasoned professional side to this? Again, she's super chill 98% of the time and it's been a good experience. It's just awkward waiting for a surprise attack lol.


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