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Poor evaluation-concern
Old 02-11-2018, 06:55 PM
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Hey-- Ive been teaching 17 years and 14 in this district. With the new model of evals its been a challenge. in 2015-2016 school year I was evaluated. 2 were all excellent/proficient and one from my chair was all needs improvement/unsatisfactory. Due to this one for 2016-2017 i was put on a professional development plan. my eval that went bad had a LOT of issues and the union got involved. At the end of 2016-2017- I completed my PD plan and was observed. 3 went awesome.. all proficient/excellent and again one needs improvement/unsat. in 2 of the 4 domains again from my department chair.. BUT something went wrong and I had to be on a plan again because she screwed up.. SO this year Im on a PD plan again. I had 4 walk throughs all awesome.

Principal eval went great! out of 18 categories.. 13 are prof/excellent so 2 domains are proficient. 1 is Needs improvement BUT 2 of the areas i w2as dinged because of following my chair's directions so I will discuss that,.

problem: my chair did an observation and everything was Un sat or NI even though I did what everyone else does in how we teach this lesson. I had my 2nd evaluation and 2 domains excellent. 2 domains all needs imrprovement.

I have 1 more observation left. I need to make that one proficient.

Its a lot of pressure. I think if it goes well Im ok. if not Ill be on a remediation plan. not sure if its until this year is over OR for next year. Im going to try to get it for next year but then I can be fired if I have any issues. talk about pressure to perform especially since meeting with the union they feel they can argue so much of the issues with the ratings I have been given.

any advice? how can I not let the pressure get to me? What if I am let go? how do i get another job? i need to make at least 90K.... Thats going to be SO hard@ I can not believe after 17 years ( and Im not one that just got lazy)..... this is what Im facing because of my chair.

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