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Asking you student teachers for help
Old 03-02-2018, 03:03 AM
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Iím getting a student teacher soon. I want to give her something that outlines my classroom like a binder of info. Things to include?

So far I have..
Class schedule including specials
Teachersí names
Important dates
Going to outline key curriculum concepts my kids will be learning while sheís there
A class roster (possibly with pictures)
A little descriptive walk-thru my room
Classroom rules
Behavior system
Describe reading groups
Talk about tests/homework
I have a couple special content programs in my room so Iíll explain those.
Active shooter/emergency information - where to go for drills, etc.

Anything else Iím missing? Sheís already been in my building for 8 weeks so she knows some about the school.


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