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I found that name recognition didn't matter, but I would consider the quality of the program as far as how prepared you'll be for the job. What will make you stand out for hiring is now knowledgeable you are in the interview.

I went to a very small private school that the vast majority of people even in my home state haven't heard of. I ended up moving out of state after graduation, so obviously no one here has heard of it. I don't feel that lack of name recognition hurt me at all.

However, my program was excellent. They had us constantly out in schools doing real teaching. We started doing field experiences freshman year, and by junior year I was teaching for about 10 hours per week (fully in charge of planning and teaching one or two subjects in my field placement). Senior year, I student taught for a full year where I was 100% in charge for over half of the year. My friends that went to state schools mostly did a few observations and then student taught for one semester senior year, where they were either never 100% in charge or had a 2 week "full lead."

Obviously I had a significant amount of background and experience to draw on that most new teachers didn't, and that stood out in interviews. My first year, I heard, "I can't believe you're a first year teacher!" over and over again. It didn't really feel like my "first year" because I'd gotten so much experience in college.

Long story short, I don't think you need to worry about perception of prestige or name recognition, but I would consider the overall quality of the program and if it's going to really prepare you for the job.
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