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Introducing Classroom Jobs Mid-year?
Old 04-29-2019, 06:20 PM
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Hello All,

So, I was wondering what your opinions are regarding re-introducing jobs in a 1st grade classroom? As a permanent substitute in a classroom, I came to notice that the students don't feel responsible for the classroom.

They have no problem leaving a mess, constantly chatting, squished/missing papers, etc . I know most of this is normal for a few students in each classroom (this isn't my first classroom rodeo, but my first mid-year). I feel that if they felt a connection or relationship with the classroom, those actions could decrease.

However, my hesitation stemmed from seeing a partially finished job chart (or a small job chart with maybe 4 jobs in a class of 25?) hidden within the room. Plus it looks like this classroom has had the same lineleaders and homework helpers for at least a month. As well as coming in during the middle of the year.

I know part of the beginning of the year is put into introducing each job and showing how it is done. So, in the future - would it be a mistake to (re)-introduce jobs to a classroom mid-year. What are your thoughts?

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