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Coach Thomas

Coach Thomas
The bubble kid. . .
Old 10-09-2019, 07:49 PM
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I had a concerned teacher pose this thought to me and I didn't really have an answer. What do you guys think. . .

Our school has an unwritten rule that students who earn extremely low grades should be bumped to a 60 so that they still have a chance to turn things around and pass the class. (There are countless reasons why this is done, most have to do with discipline and social/emotional concerns)

My teacher asked, but what about the student who has done everything you've asked and still fails the grading period with a 62, what are we doing for that student and what message are we sending when we bump a 30 to a 60.

My question is less about your personal ethics about bumping the student that made a 30, that is not going to change. My real question is, can we ethically and systematically address the student that earned the 62? What motivates them to continue working?

I have my own thoughts, just curious what you guys think.

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