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Clip to ScrapBook #4

i'm not EA math, but make sure to show how you differentiated for the students you're showcasing.

this isn't just about what you do with your class as a whole, it's about what you do to add pedagogical twists (for lack of a better word) to the lesson that hone in on the needs of the students you're supposed to be focusing on. you have to be able to define those needs precisely, and then be able to explain why you added the twists you added to an otherwise standard lesson about positive and negative numbers.

some students do better when they have key concepts posted in multiple places in the classroom, both in diagram and verbal forms. some learn better when manipulating things with their hands. some need to be reminded of key concepts more than others. what are the needs of your 2 students?

in short, let your knowledge of your 2 focus students guide the instructional decisions you make. it'll help you plan a better lesson, and it will also make your WC a lot stronger.

i'm not in your content area, but i did notice that your instructions for C2 warn against anything that's rote, instead recommending that you focus on reasoning skills. so another thing i would recommend is finding a way to make the learning activity more project-based, if possible.

good luck!
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