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student behavior help (long, sorry)
Old 04-12-2013, 06:13 PM
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I need help with a student in my class before I go back to school next week. He has been driving me crazy and I feel that I need some new strategies. (This is third grade)

He joined our school last year half way through the year, and had some social issues. (Did not make friends, sad all the time) This year started off ok, but the behavior seems to be deteriorating. He is very smart, but rushes through work and usually needs to go back and redo/add information to answers. Which he is obviously not happy about. He constantly calls out answers without raising his hand. He seems miserable the majority of the time and seems to want positive adult attention (parents always seem involved and helpful), but at the same time attracts negative attention by his actions.

I have found myself being very short with him, which I don't like, but the constant negative behavior is really getting under my skin. Everything he does seems like it is meant to get on my nerves. He wanders around the room when we are all on the rug listening to a story, or will be drawing on his white board when he should be listening to directions.

I have tried sticker charts etc with him , but mom says he will obsess over things like that and then one negative mark, or failure to get a sticker will have him worrying about it constantly. Then if the day is going bad, he might as well continue to misbehave as things aren't good anyway!!

I hope this makes sense! Any advice?

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