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Breaking the Day...
Old 04-12-2013, 07:03 PM
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The idea of breaking the day into increments is a great idea. However, I would begin with something very short...fifteen more that twenty minutes at a time. That way, the child will have a lot of success...and success breeds success.

Make a chart with your school day broken into increments...fifteen/twenty minutes in the first column. Leave a space for the smiley face or frown in the second column. The third column can be for positive one word comments or words of encouragement like "I know you can do better" when there is a frown.

The first thing you and this child will need to do is conference about the issues. Then decide together what one thing to work on first...
--slow down on work.
--raise hand to speak.
--follow directions/join class at the carpet.
State the goal for the day at the top of the chart.

This child cannot be working on all these things at the same time. Choose the one that will be easiest for him to accomplish in the fifteen/twenty minute time frame...again, look for the one that will show the most success most of the time and also make your load lighter. The child will work on this goal for one or two or three or more weeks. Then you can conference again and choose a new goal. Keep in mind that when you begin a second goal, the first one may fall apart. You may need to return to it, and at a later time, begin working on the second goal again.

While conferencing, you and this child will need to decide about rewards and consequences.

I would also let the parents know what you are doing. They may want to join you for the conference with the child so they can join in the reward and consequence part at home. That way the child will be seeing twice as much approval.
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