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You've gotten a lot of good suggestions here. I love the small-chunk approach; I'm going to try that one too.

(parents always seem involved and helpful)
Are they really? I mean, we see what we see at school, but do we really know what goes on at home? Perhaps they ignore the child at home or criticize heavily, and he's desperately looking for attention and affirmation. I have several students like that. That doesn't make his behavior any more likeable, of course!

Is it possible that this child is very intelligent and is actually bored in class? Obviously, he must build the stamina to manage his behavior, follow directions, do the work correctly, etc. However, immature kids who are smart and certain they know everything just dash through stuff and look for ways to entertain themselves because they already know everything. Have you looked at previous records? Now, I'm NOT suggesting that you reward his lousy behavior with the super-advanced work he "should" have. (As one of my moms suggested. ) It would just give you a little more ammunition to persuade him to try--you know, the "I know you can do better than this" approach.
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