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A different approach
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I hope that you have had success today with some of the ideas.
Let me throw out one experience that I had. We had a similar situation last year with a very bright boy with lots negative behavior issues (parents admitted that he was treated as the "3rd" adult in their home).
After lots of frustrations for both of us, I saw something (maybe Kagan?) about a stopwatch. I hung a stopwatch by my desk and when he would begin to unfairly usurp my time or class time I would walk over and pick up the watch and start the timer - when he finished I would make a point of clicking it off. No emotion. When the day got near to the end I explained that he had used xxx amount of instructional time and I needed him to "pay it back". He sat for the allocated time watching others play at recess, then we talked about how useless it felt. I explained with LOTS of true empathy that I knew just how he felt. We did this for several days, and by the next week he would correct as soon as he saw me go for the watch. If he wanted to argue with me (which was one of his fun activities!), I would say, "oh, hang on..." and I'd scramble to get the watch. Then I would listen to whatever he had to say while I murmured, "hmmm or I see".
I can honestly say that I ended the year liking him for the truly gifted child that he was, once he stopped hijacking the class. I think that we both gained a lot of respect for each other once he figured out that someone was in charge, and it was not him!! Good luck and try not to lose your sense of humor!
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