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Joined: Sep 2018
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That's my point
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That's exactly my point. I want teachers who appreciate that I can think. Not all of them are cookie cutter (or "sticklers"), though some, obviously, are. I guess when I get requested again (or become friends with them) I know that this is the kind of teacher they are and *I* want. It might be hard for some to believe it, but there are teachers like this.

I'm talking about little things. The teacher can't think of EVERY LITTLE THING and probably (if not anal) appreciates it.

An example: I make my own papers that say "student name, date, time out, time in, where they are going." Not all teachers have this and I do it in case of a lockdown - I know who is missing if they wrote the time out, but no time "in." I then take it off and staple it to the notes. That is NOT spelled out in the lesson plan, but I do it, anyway, every time.

Another example: I make my own passes that say [my name,] sub for __________, to ________ time: _______ because I don't like to just let students go somewhere without a pass, so sometimes I need it. That is NOT in the lesson plan.

Other small things, also.

I have decided after reading your responses that the "remove from list" idea is probably not a good idea. I'm glad I asked you guys because I truly thought it was a good idea. I got the idea because a long time ago I put "if you are a salesman, please take me off of your call list" on my answering machine.

I learn a lot on this list - I appreciate it - Thank you to you all! It's good to muddle around in my head.

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