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I get it
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Clip to ScrapBook #11

"I'm talking about little things. The teacher can't think of EVERY LITTLE THING and probably (if not anal) appreciates it. An example: I make my own papers that say "student name, date, time out, time in, where they are going." Not all teachers have this and I do it in case of a lockdown - I know who is missing if they wrote the time out, but no time "in." I then take it off and staple it to the notes. That is NOT spelled out in the lesson plan, but I do it, anyway, every time."

So it's not like you're altering plans like if that plan says to have them read pages 38-99 of Matilda, you're not going to put on the movie with Matilda. It's the little things indeed. I kinda do that too especially when it comes to allowing them the freedom to use the restroom or access their locker. I have to admit, although I'm not good at remembering in general, I keep track of the coming's and going's inside the room. You'd be surprised to know that students still ask why we need to use a pass especially in junior high. It's like they've never used it before so I had to explain that it's for me to keep track especially for the reasons you listed. But I had stopped the out-in until there's a lot asking/requesting. All this is not altering the plan but now that you mentioned it, I wish more teachers would tell us basic procedures such as this so we don't have to hear "...but that's not the way our teacher does it!". Waste of time arguing.
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