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I think I wasn't clear
Old 11-06-2018, 05:11 PM
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I think I might not have been clear. I was trying to make it as short as possible and that may have backfired.

I sent the student to the office and then he returned with his McDonald's.

That's when I gave up and didn't even try to do anything with him, anymore (why would I when both the student and I - and the rest of the class - knew that he would win, and I felt humiliated?).

That's when I told the class that "I can't win," but I said it calmly. I just ignored him and turned my attention to the rest of the class (they were working and I was going around showing them my scorpion sucker that I bought that morning for them - it's nice to think of something humerus because I don't feel very humerus right now).

The class ended and the students left, including THIS student. I never saw the student in question again.

That is when I WALKED TO THE OFFICE - the next class was my prep - to talk to an admin (she didn't come to my class, I went to the office). I debated as to do this or just put my tail between my legs and leave it alone, but it was so ridiculous.

I was so expecting her to say something like, "That is unacceptable. I will talk to those involved. Thank you for letting me know." That is TRULY what I was expecting, and when I got the opposite, it caught me off-guard.

When I first saw her, I told her, "I had a very disruptive student, also mocking me, and I sent him to the office. 20 minutes later he was back with McDonald's, strutting around the front of the class" Nobody was saying anything and it was kindof awkward (I had never seen this woman before), so I added, "he said that you guys said that the reason I sent him to the office was stupid," (he really did say that). She said, "You took the word of a student?," and I said, "Everything I just said, and you only noticed the last sentence?" Nobody was saying anything at that point so I just started to leave (THE OFFICE). That is when she said, "we have had problems with him," and I made the, probably stupid, comment of "I wonder why?," and I just left.

I didn't write a referral, I just called the office and told them that I had a disruptive student, mocking me, and I tried to send him to the office and he wouldn't go. I told him that if he didn't go I would have someone come get him. I asked him his name and he said, "no," then he said, unconvincingly, "Chris." The woman on the phone asked me his name and I said, "he said his name is Chris, but I don't believe him." (It turns out his name was Alex).

I didn't spell out everything he did to the principal, but as all of this had been going on I had been writing it down on the note for the teacher (and yes, it was a very long note). I have no idea if she gave it to the principal, but I highly doubt it.

I thought I pretty much covered it by saying "disruptive," and especially that he was mocking me. I did say that when he came in with the McDonald's that he was walking around the front of the class real slowly, drinking his shake.

I'm sure that a lot of it is because this principal doesn't care about subs.

Very sad situation.
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