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Joined: Sep 2018
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I'm still subbing somewhere else
Old 11-06-2018, 05:35 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #5

I think (and assumed) that he would be in the office for the rest of the period (they didn't even call me, his behavior didn't change, nothing). Either this, or when his mother brought the McDonald's, she should have taken him home with her.

I have to say that the other students were excellent, and even seemed to be on my side, judging by their behavior and what they said on the way out. Another reason why I like that school - two students, on their own, escorted me to my room at the beginning of that day <awww>.

I sub in another district and everything is going great there. I had to send 2 students to the office a week or so ago and it was handled very well - couldn't have asked more more (competence!). A teacher who is going to quit next year told me that I should apply for his job!

**There IS something more in that I work more at the school I am in, now, so maybe I didn't have as much to lose as others might have had.

Thanks for the responses. I didn't think anybody would read it, much less respond.

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