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sick and whoosy
Old 11-07-2018, 10:02 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #8

OMG, believe it or not, I can't believe it's even *possible,* but THERE IS MORE DRAMA that is somewhat related to the foregoing.

I went to bed last night about 9:20pm (yes, this is going somewhere) and this fiasco incident (described earlier) was going round and round in my head, so I got up probably about an hour later (10:15?) and took an "Ambien" (I RARELY do this).

I think I went straight to this board. I started responding to something on this board and during writing my response, all of a sudden it felt like a TON OF BRICKS hit me.

I wrote, "I'll have to finish this tomorrow" ON MY POST, and closed my computer. I felt really "whoosy" and managed to get to bed. I certainly didn't think of school, anymore, so I guess that is the good part, if there is one.

I have been wanting to get on here so I could see what time it was that this happened, but, unfortunately, I didn't officially "post it." That's how bad it was. I didn't click "post." I think it may have been around 11:00, but I"m not sure.

I woke up at 4:00 am (I usually do and then get up again at 6:00). I felt like total crap and worse than that, I was still somewhat "whoosy." I thanked God (not really, but you get my drift, I'm certainly not a God-person) that I had switched subs with today (I was supposed to work today until the fiasco and I was replaced, if you're following this). I guess there is a "silver lining" in this.

I could have dealt with feeling really "crappy" at school, somehow - school would have probably distracted me, but I would have NEVER DRIVEN because I still felt a little whoosy.

I would have had to call in (can you imagine? the sub needs a sub! The sub is sicker than the person she is subbing for!).

I'm starting to remember what that post was about, and I had put a lot of time into it <nooooooo!>

The moral of the story is to try to not take medications that you don't take on a daily basis, especially if it is before a school day, because it could do something that had never happened before - I have taken the Ambien before, though not often, and have NEVER had anything even CLOSE to this happen before. It could end up affecting the job you took. There is no way that I could have gone to that job.

By the way, if you remember, I had to cancel my job for today (Wed) because I was "replaced" (my idea). I'm 99.999% sure that AESOP won't call you if you cancel, because I *always* get at least a couple of calls a day, and I haven't gotten a single call since yesterday, and nothing for today, at all, since this incident (hopefully that makes sense - you get my drift) Canceling DOES have an effect. I can definitely tell the difference. I'm CERTAIN that this doesn't happen with "reject," though - that is VERY different.

OK. Hope I haven't bothered you guys with more drama, but there are school-related parts in there.
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